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Valerie Zarcone dot Com The Goings on in the World of Dr. Val Wed, 05 Dec 2012 10:44:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How does the development of diabetes directly relate to a feedback system? Sat, 04 Feb 2012 02:22:21 +0000 Read more ]]> Paragraph on how Development of diabetes is directly related to feedback system, In your description describe how the feedback system works, organs, & molecules involved, also the direct effect of breakdown of a feedback system.

Does this bit of your homework really need to be explained? Glucose is high, pancreas releases insulin to bring it down. Glucose is low, pancreas releases glucagon to bring it up. It’s a feedback system. Diabetes is when the insulin either can’t be made, not enough can be made or the insulin doesn’t work as well as it should and therefore the glucose level stays high.


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What health care plan can two of us purchase which will cover our medical needs and not have outrageous? Fri, 06 Jan 2012 04:25:58 +0000 Read more ]]> premiums? I believe we may be eligible to continue our current coverages with Kaiser when my spouse retires, but the premium will be $1200 monthly. What can we do to get affordable health care? We both have preexisting conditions, and although we are healthy, it makes health care almost out of our reach, when we both have conditions which require several visits to health care providers annually.

Kaiser Senior Advantage begins at age 65. It around $100 a month plus your Part B Medicare monthly premiums. If you retire before age 65 you would have an individual plan. I suggest contacting an insurance agent and finding out what insurance and what plans are available in your state.


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What is the purpose of a watery fluid in the lungs that contains a surfactant, which is a detergent-like subst? Fri, 30 Dec 2011 00:06:27 +0000 Read more ]]> a. It prevents the alveolar surfaces from adhering to one another.
b. It stimulates oxygen uptake by the alveoli.
c. It sticks the epithelial cells of the alveolus and the endothelial cells that form the wall of each capillary together.
d. It prevents damage to the lungs caused by smoking.

A, they essentially stop the lungs from collapsing on themselves


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Diabetes is known to increase the risk for all of the following except? Fri, 23 Dec 2011 04:02:25 +0000 Read more ]]> A. Stroke
B. Kidney Failure
C. Cancer
D. Blindness

I googled it and it looks like diabetes increases the risk for all of these, but that can’t be right. So do you know the answer?

Cancer is the least attributed to diabetes of all your options, although some researchers have argued that diabetes may also increase your risk of cancer.

We *know* that uncontrolled diabetes can cause cardiovascular disease, blindness, and kidney disease/failure. Cancer is just the most controversial of all those in your list.


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What good is your health insurance if you have to make me buy it? Fri, 09 Dec 2011 03:46:00 +0000 Read more ]]> I don’t know even one person who wants to be without health insurance. The doctors and the hospitals do use collection agencies to collect their money. So there is no need whatsoever to force anyone to buy it.

The only reason I can see as to why anyone would want me to buy health insurance is because they want to give free health care to illegal aliens. I see no other reason. Oh and those other people on welfare.

People on welfare already qualify for free health care. Illegals can already go to hospitals and skip on the bills, and do so daily. It’s about control. The more control government has over the populace, the more those in government know they can get by with. As long as people *think* they’re getting some benefit from government (whether they are or not), they know that people will continue to sit back and permit our Constitution to be trampled. It’s all a giant shell game to keep our eyes off what’s going on quietly behind the scenes.

Edit – I call BS on anyone who says requiring everyone to have insurance is going to get everyone covered and save the health care system. These people obviously don’t understand how the health care system and insurance work. Traditional full coverage insurance is a huge part of the problem in health care today. When people can go to the doctor for every minor complaint they come across and only pay a minimal copay, they tend to overuse the system… thus increasing demand and cost. People are totally out of touch with the cost of health care when they aren’t paying out of pocket a the time of service. Higher deductible major medical plans that cover preventative medicine at 100% are the way to go to reduce the cost of insurance. They’re ultimately less costly for the consumer, and the consumer has a vested interest in understanding what they’re being asked to pay for before consenting to unnecessary procedures or tests. They also think twice before going to the doctor over trivial ailments. I’ve been on this type plan for 3 years and have literally saved thousands of dollars. There’s also the fact that laws governing health insurance live at state level. This prohibits insurers from offering individual plans across state lines, thus leading to smaller pools of people in plans. This, too, drives up cost. Insuring everyone won’t fix a thing. It will just drive the cost higher, leading to people who can’t afford it even when it’s mandatory. The root problem in health care (cost) has not been addressed with this legislation. Don’t believe me? Give it 10 years. Fewer people will be able to afford health care than can now.


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How to make a diabetes test most accurate? Wed, 07 Dec 2011 01:55:35 +0000 Read more ]]> My mom thinks I may have diabetes, mostly due to my constant thirst and more frequent urination. I also get numb/cold hands and feet very easily, though I have for years.
Tomorrow we will be seeing my step sister, who has diabetes, and would like her to use one of her test strips, what can I do before to make it more accurately show if I do in fact have diabetes or not? Should I eat more sugary foods, less, or nothing at all?

1) eat as you would
2) make sure a new lancet is in the device to poke your finger
3) wash and dry your hands


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What is the relationship between obesity and diabetes? Mon, 28 Nov 2011 07:48:14 +0000 Read more ]]> I have often noticed that diabetics are often overweight. Why is this? Is diabetes caused by being over weight in the first place, or is being fat an effect of having diabetes?

Obesity and diabetes have a very close connection. Eighty to ninety percent of patients who have diabetes of any type were also diagnosed as overweight or obese.

Understanding the relationship between obesity and diabetes has allowed doctors to come up with certain measures in preventing the occurrence of the disease.

Being overweight can produce an abnormally high amount of stress in your body. It makes your system less capable of controlling the amounts of glucose that is produced.

Aside from that, obesity can also lead to insulin resistance.

So even though you still do not have diabetes, you are eventually going to develop the disease if you fail to bring your weight back to normal in the future.

Obesity and diabetes have one common denominator: weight gain. Obese people are very prone to diabetes while diabetic patients always have a tendency to gain weight.

But aside from that, those who take in insulin to treat certain types of diabetes are also very prone to gaining weight.

This is primarily because there are more amounts of glucose that enter into the cells rather than being eliminated out of the body.

These are stored up as fat and when accumulated at high amounts, can lead to weight gain.

What are the treatments for obesity and diabetes?

One of the best ways to treat both obesity and diabetes is a change in lifestyle. Exercising more and turning to a more well-balanced diet have been proven to help patients reduce weight and battle diabetes at the same time.

Doctors highly recommend that diabetic and obese patients shift to a high fiber, low carbohydrate and low glycemic index diet. Regular exercise has been proven to help as well.

Twenty to thirty minutes of moderate activity can do wonders to your health. These changes in lifestyle can help you target both obesity and diabetes.

Patients who are taking insulin shots are recommended to control their food intake as well. As mentioned before, the increased amounts of glucose that is permitted to enter into the cell through insulin shots can be stored up as fat.

And hence, patients who continue to eat as much as they did before are most likely to gain even more weight. So when taking these shots, try to eat lesser amounts of food to prevent unhealthy weight gain.

Both obesity and diabetes should never be taken for granted because these conditions can cause serious complications.



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What is the best health insurance for my child? Wed, 23 Nov 2011 10:52:25 +0000 Read more ]]> My son hasn’t been born yet, but I want to start looking into health insurance for him. I really don’t know much about health insurance.. What is the best health insurance for a child?
That’s a really unhelpful answer. I don’t have a problem being able to afford insurance. I want the best coverage for my child. I don’t know where to look though.

The one you can afford. Star with yours first.


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Why is milk bad for humans….? Should purity be our utmost concern when eating what God has provided…? Mon, 21 Nov 2011 05:46:28 +0000 Read more ]]> .

What does God say about purity…?

It used to be milk was shaken to homogenize it. Things have changed.

Homogenized milk contains fat that is forced under pressure through very small openings. This breaks up the fat globules into very small particles that remain suspended in the liquid and don’t clump together on the surface of the milk.?

Literally dozens of other precious enzymes are also destroyed in the pasteurization process. Without them, milk is very difficult to digest. The human pancreas is not always able to produce these enzymes; over-stress of the pancreas can lead to diabetes and other diseases.

Synthetic vitamin D, known to be toxic to the liver, is added to replace the natural vitamin D complex in butterfat. Butterfat also contains re-arranged acids which have strong anti-carcinogenic properties.

The recent approval by the FDA of the use of BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) by dairy farmers to increase their milk production only worsens the already sad picture.

Homogenization is done by forcing milk through a small geometry valve at very high pressures (1500-2500 psi). The effect of this treatment is to break the natural fat globule (average size ~10 micrometers) into much smaller fat globules (average size <2 micrometers). In doing this the fat globule membrane is broken and the surface area of the new fat globules is much larger than the native globules.

Within the first 10-20 seconds after homogenization, proteins and segments of the original membrane form a new membrane on the surface of the smaller fat globules Thus changing the natural molecules. Actually forming a new synthetic molecule called specifically Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells

The fats damaged by homogenization can be passed through the walls of the digestive system directly into the circulatory system, where they “scratch” the artery walls, making a problem area to which cholesterol flocks.

"Never eat any fat from cattle, sheep or goats." Leviticus 7:23 "Never eat the blood of any bird or animal no matter where you live." Lev.7:26.

"You must distinguish between the unclean and the clean, between living creatures that may be eaten (cloven hoofed and cud chewing) and those that may not be eaten." Lev. 11:47

The cover fat of both clean and unclean animals is forbidden. The internal marbling fat of clean animals is permitted. Range fed animals which are exercised and eat leafy plants and grasses will have healthier internal fat. The cattle in Bible times were range fed. Were not fed antibiotics, pesticides, fungicides or growth hormone additives. Were not fed diseased or dead animal parts.


@ Camille””

Yes milk in its raw form is nutritious as well as it delicious.Because of mass production and the environment in which milk is produced it is a detriment to human health. Anyone can discuss this with a cardiologist …maybe even a regular doctor like you general practitioner.

They scrape Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells from heart attack victims arteries. . My cardiologist agrees. As do many. There answer is……."but who am I to tell the FDA what to do"…?

Pretty sad condition when the FDA makes decisions because of greed.


Why is milk bad for humans….?

It isn’t.


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Should a national health standard be set and linked to our health records for the National health care plan? Mon, 14 Nov 2011 08:29:31 +0000 Read more ]]> Many people hate Michelle Obama’s food vision for this country but health is the most important aspect of our existence. If we had a certification process for every bit of food and drink like they do for organic food, we wood have a scientifically observable basis on which to manage health.

Can you see any drawbacks?

" health is the most important aspect of our existence."

Actually, I think it’s freedom but that’s just my opinion. Keep the government out of my life and my kitchen.


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